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The Center for Health & Healing

In 1983, the founder Dr. Nellie Grose, through a personal journey, realized her vision for a new kind of practice. Patients would become healthier through an extraordinary integration of traditional medical treatment and complementary therapies. Hence, The Center for Health and Healing was born.

In 2020, Dr. Grose merged her practice with Dr. Miiko Rowley’s thriving practice to embrace continued growth within the health and wellness industry. Dr. Rowley brings an exciting focus on new technology with energy and vision to continue improving at TCHH.

In the 30+ years that The Center has provided functional medicine treatment in Houston, TX, the practice has grown to include various other health professionals that have the same philosophy and heart for true health and wellness.

One size does not fit all. The team at The Center for Health and Healing helps each individual to achieve a new level of health and well-being. Treatment may mean a fresh outlook on a health problem that other physicians have said will be life-long. Or it could mean an easing of dependency on multiple medications that doctors have previously prescribed as the only option since the mere treating of symptoms does not deal with the root of the problem.

Whether you are interested in holistic wellness, disease prevention, a new approach to your chronic health challenges, holistic pediatric care, or prevention of premature aging, The Center offers quite a few alternatives to consider.

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Our Mission & Vision

Our team listens and goes beyond where others stop. We create solutions that put your health in your hands. Our commitment to you is a vibrant mind, body, and spirit.


Focus on the root cause


Always try natural treatments first


We don't stop until you reach your goals

We are different

Doctors now spend less time than ever with patients, in a system that rewards them for a quick visit—NOT for helping the patient get truly well. The conventional model leaves time only to name your set of symptoms with a diagnosis then prescribe a pill for that ill. We can do better. You want to know why you are not well and how you can fix the problem. We can help.

Finding the root cause

At The Center for Health & Healing in Houston, TX, we believe you are our most important patient and you deserve to be heard. Our board-certified MD safely integrates conventional and holistic medicine to treat you as a whole person, not just your set of symptoms. Our integrative approach to your health is a process of determining the root cause of your illness and then creating a Functional Medicine prescription tailored to you.

Benefits to you

Functional Medicine requires lifestyle changes which we will work on with you every step of the way, guided by our core values: compassion, reliability, integrity, respect, and collaboration.

Since 1983

The abundance of life is always present. When we recognize it, it opens our consciousness… and it comes flowing in mind and body with a mighty, quickening, healing power that renews, transforms, and changes

— Charles Filimore

The Center is a premier health and wellness practice located minutes from downtown Houston, Texas, lead by functional medicine doctors and board-certified Family Medicine physicians Nellie Grose, MD and Miiko Rowley, MD. The practice focuses on holistic care, disease prevention and treating the root cause of an illness or disease, rather than masking the symptoms.

The Center providers integrate the best conventional therapies with evidence-based holistic medicine to treat the whole patient. The team develops lifestyle prescriptions tailored to each patients’ unique needs and health goals. Empathetic providers offer exceptional care for patients of all ages, including children over 6 months old and seniors.

Patients experiencing challenges with autoimmune diseases, gut health, thyroid disorders, hormones, brain fog, fatigue, chronic pain, weight gain, or who just want to optimize their health naturally can turn to The Center team for premium, cutting-edge holistic medical care.

Core values at the practice include compassion, integrity, reliability, respect, and collaboration. Functional medicine specialists spend more time with patients, giving them a meaningful voice in their care. Experts at Kale Functional Medicine use LivingMatrix, a technology-based, clinician-designed functional medicine platform. It helps evaluate the root causes of a patient’s illness, assists providers in personalizing care plans, and tracks patient health outcomes over time.

In addition to traditional office visits, The Center team offers virtual telemedicine care, online access to our patient portal through which patients can access personal medical and educational information, and SMS messaging so patients can get their questions answered quickly by a physician. The Center team warmly welcomes patients to the practice and looks forward to helping you achieve optimal health.

Welcome to The Center


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